Chery Tiggo 4 launched in Ecuador


Recently Chery Tiggo 4 has been launched in Ecuador. Nearly 20 local media outlets, senior executives of the distributors and numerous potential customers attended the launch conference. Tiggo 4's new family appearance, exquisite interior and rich equipment made a good first impression on the guests and journalists present. In recent years, Chery has vigorously developed overseas markets and further sped up globalization. The launch of Tiggo 4 will make a positive contribution to the further extension of Chery's market operations in Ecuador.

On the site, Tiggo 4's gorgeous shape attracted attention. Positioned as a city SUV, built on Chery's new T1X platform, it meets young consumers' diverse needs. In terms of styling, its family H.D.S. body design features surging water flow, displays fine lines and tremendous power after a wash, accords with international mainstream aesthetics, and reveals the international style from inside to outside.

Chery invited Ecuador's mainstream media early this June for static experiences and test riding & driving. In these activities, Tiggo 4 was unanimously praised by the journalists and guests present for its trendy and dynamic appearance and outstanding control. "As a dynamic and trendy city SUV of Chery, Tiggo 4 will vitalize the Ecuadorian auto market and even bring a new driving concept to Ecuadorian young people," said a journalist.

During the test driving, Tiggo 4 featuring solid "MacPherson + multi-link" suspension structure handled rugged mountain roads and city streets with ease. Tiggo 4 is powered by a 2.0L engine and a 1.5T engine. Combined with its smooth gear shift and sensitive response, Tiggo 4's control fun was acclaimed. Tiggo 4's equipment, including auto hold, rear view camera, keyless entry, HHC, 9in touch screen, automatic headlamp and panoramic Glass canopy, were highly recognized by test drivers, too.

As a member state of the Union of South American Nations, Ecuador plays an important role in Chery's international strategy. Chery entered Ecuador in 2007 as the first Chinese auto brand to enter the market. Currently, Chery's key models sold in Ecuador include Arrizo 3, Tiggo series, etc. In terms of market layout, Chery has networks in key Ecuadorian cities, with its sales service covering the whole country.

With the launch of Tiggo 4 in Ecuador, Chery's product distribution in South America will be further deepened. In the future, Chery will launch more outstanding new products to make the world witness its quality charm.

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