Yin Tongyue of Chery Automobile won the honor of “40 Years of Reform and Opening up ? A tribute to Chinese Auto Figures “


On June 30th, the CCTV Financial Channel's "40 Years of Reform and Opening up ? A tribute to Chinese Auto Figures" award ceremony was held in Beijing. Yin Tongyue, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chery Automobile, attended the ceremony together with leading figures and industry experts from the Chinese automotive industry. At the ceremony, Yin Tongyue won the unanimous recommendation of the members of the Selection Committee for his achievements in adhering to independent innovation and building China's own brand. He was awarded the honorary title of "40 Years of Reform and Opening up ? A tribute to Chinese Auto Figures".

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The ceremony traced the development history of the new China's automobile industry, told the story of China's automobile development, and paid tribute to the Chinese automobile industry. As one of the founders of Chery Automobile, Yin Tongyue has established China's independent core technology system of automobile engine, gearbox, chassis and new energy due to independent innovation. He has contributed to promoting the entry of cars into the household consumer market, promoting the international development of the brand, and promoting the development of China's modern car industry. Therefore, he was unanimously recommended by the members of the Selection Committee and won the honorary title of "40 Years of Reform and Opening up ? A tribute to Chinese Auto Figures".

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The activity wrote in a tribute to Yin Tongyue, "He is the vanguard of China's own brand. He started on a deserted beach, built engines, built factories overseas, and exported cars. He relied on the passion to build Chinese cars. The enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, he finds a way out for China’s own brands in the process of trials and errors!" As the forerunner who has always been at the forefront of the development of the industry, Yin Tongyue and Chery Automobile have been "crossing the river by feeling the stones" and constantly explored on the road of independent innovation. It is not easy to cross the river by feeling the stones, but the persevering Yin Tongyue and Chery have successfully turned the stones they have touched into the cornerstone of Chery's upward development.

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In an interview, Yin Tongyue said that the development of China's automobile industry to this day is inseparable from the influence of the spirit of the older generation of automakers. Under the inspiration of this spirit and under the leadership of a large number of outstanding industry leaders, China's modern car industry has been flourishing since its inception 40 years ago. It has become a prosperous and complete system, occupying half of the Chinese market. They are also emerging in the global market, which is inseparable from the silent adherence and dedication of many Chinese auto people.

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Yin Tongyue and the Chery Automobile brought us not only more than 6 million national cars that entered the home of ordinary people, but also brought value and reference to the whole industry which Chery as the pioneer of independent research and development of China's automobile industry. In the future development, Chery Automobile will continue to adhere to the brand spirit of "independent innovation" and guide the entire independent automobile industry to move forward with its own practice. It will bring better travel and life experiences to consumers around the world and strive to build China into a car powerhouse and a brand powerhouse.

"40 Years of Reform and Opening up ? A tribute to Chinese Auto Figures" is an important activity planned by CCTV's financial channel in 2018 around the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. In this way, it can help the new development of China's auto industry and pay tribute to the spirit of Chinese auto figures in pursuit of excellence and courage. The event invited the auto industry authority, business leaders, industry association representatives, and media elites to form the "100-member selection committee" to jointly select the Chinese auto figures worthy of our tribute in the 40 years of reform and opening up.

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